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Wheel Hub Assembly
High Quality Auto Spare Parts

Wheel Hub Assembly Wheel Hub Assembly

Wheel Hub Assembly is the 2nd or 3rd generation of wheel bearing,also referred to as Hub Assembly,or Wheel Hub Unit. which is widely used in most cars, passenger vehicles and light and heavy trucks. It is located between the brake drums or discs and the drive axle. A wheel is bolted on it. Depending on the construction, the end of hub comes equipped with the splined teeth. They mate the teeth on the axle shaft. The axle hub spins along with the wheels bolted to it and provide the power to the wheels in order to rotate. There is a roller bearing between the axle hub and axle shaft. It ensures easy rotation of the non-drive wheels. On the axle side, it is mounted to the holding bracket from the chassis; on the disc side, the wheel is mounted to the bolts of the Wheel Hub Assembly. When replacing, a wheel hub assembly should be torqued to the vehicle's specifications to prevent failure.

Wheel bearings have now developed to the third generation, It have evolved into wheel hub assembly,also we call it wheel hub unit.

AiX provides you with the high quality of Wheel Hub Assembly, which are widely used on cars, SUV, MPV, light commercial vehicle, and heavy-duty trucks.

Wheel hub assembly are becoming more and more unitized,light and easy to install, with the number of parts decreasing from the first-generation to the third-generation.

Wheel hub assembly are usually made up of inner ring, outer ring with flange, wheel hub,cages(Maintainer), and rolling element (steel balls or tapered rollers). After assembly is completed, the completed bearings should be washed in the petrol. They are must nicely cleaned and dryed out, then Injected grease and sealed.

All of the wheel hub assembly are greased and sealed at the factory and don’t typically require replacement until their end of life.

Wheel hub assembly is an extremely important component of your vehicle to hold the wheels on and allow them to spin properly. 

We give the quality guarantee of 60000 kilometers or one year for our wheel hub assembly.

All of the wheel hub assembly we provide will be inspected.The inspected projects include the basic size, roundness and roughness of the inner rings and out rings, clearance,and rotating spirit activity.

If you notice a wobbly wheel or a low growl or hum noise coming from any of your wheels.  you should bring your car to check the wheel bearings as soon as possible, because it may cause serious accidents if the wheel bearing is damaged.

As you find that a wheel hub assembly is scrapped, It means that the mirrored one is also close to the failure life. So we suggest you replace one pair at one time.

Choosing the right and quality wheel hub assembly will save your money and keep you from away dangerous.