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AiX provide you with the high quality of electric fuel pump and fuel pump assembly. Fuel pump assembly is one of the vital components of fuel injection system for EFI vehicle. It dispenses fuel from a tank to provide the fuel supply for a carburetor or fuel injection system in the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle.

The fuel pump is located inside the vehicle oil tank, the fuel pump works when the engine is started and the engine is running. If the ignition switch is still at ON, the HFM-SFI control module will close the power supply of the fuel pump to avoid accidental ignition.

If the fuel pump is fault or broken, your engine will receive less fuel than it needs. It will cause your car may not start at all, or it might start poorly. This poor start will take the form of a sputtering, stuttering, stammering sort of start, as if your car's engine is only getting a trickle of fuel instead of the amount it needs. Your car may also stall during operation because the fuel pump is bad.

All the fuel pumps we supply are certified to TS16949 or ISO9001.

In order to ensure the quality of products, the fuel pumps we provide are manufactured by advanced equipments. Such as HAAS CNC lathes from USA, DSK full-automatic balancing machine from Japan, AM high precision lapping machine from South Korea, full automatic DC voltage stabilized welding machine from Taiwan, China, and so on.

We are putting high value on the quality of products.All of our fuel pumps will be strictly tested by the advanced testing equiments,such as the world’s most advanced micro-touch-sensing three-coordinate digital measuring instrument,spectral material analyzer,ultra-low temperature detection system,material performance meter,pump test device,and ultrasonic testing equipment.In addition to the standard test,also will be passed stress test analysis and material testing and analysis at different tempratures and pressures.Each fuelp pump product will be fully tested to ensure excellent performance and life.

Our fuel pump products are matching with a number of domestic automobile manufacturers and exported to Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.