Wheel Hub Assembly must not be Fakes for Cheap
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Wheel Hub Assembly must not be Fakes for Cheap Wheel Hub Assembly must not be Fakes for Cheap

The wheel hub assembly is an important step in the car modification. Whether it is appearance modification or improved handling performance, the wheel has played an important role in it. After the rigorous production process and strict inspection, it is necessary to ensure that the quality parameters of a high-quality wheel are qualified.

Of course, a set of genuine wheel hub are expensive. There are only a handful of companies that can produce and sell domestically (with export products), so the price of imported wheels is more expensive. Therefore, in order to save costs, many modified players have chosen the so-called "domestic" and "Taiwan" fake wheels. This is completely advisable. If it is a fake wheel produced by a "small workshop", although there is not much difference between the appearance and the genuine wheel hub, it is far from the safety index in terms of weight and strength. There are often problems with inexplicable cracks and distortions when using "imitation" wheels. And in the high-speed process, fakes are not enough to support such a high-intensity load. If there is a phenomenon of high-speed burst, it will directly affect the safety of the driver and passengers! Therefore, if the economic conditions are temporarily not allowed, please carefully choose to modify the wheel. Although the original "steel" and "casting hub" may not be aesthetically pleasing and lightweight, it is at least safe. The performance of the wheel hub is generally that the forged wheel hub is larger than the cast wheel hub, and the cast wheel hub is larger than the steel wheel hub.
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