Top 10 Fuel-efficient Cheats: from Wheel Bearings to Body
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Top 10 Fuel-efficient Cheats: from Wheel Bearings to Body Top 10 Fuel-efficient Cheats: from Wheel Bearings to Body

1. Don't drive at high speed for a long time: The car has an economic speed. High-speed driving increases air resistance and increases fuel consumption.

2. Regularly strengthen the maintenance: The wheel bearing should be oiled on time to reduce friction. There is also oil viscosity, which will also lead to increased fuel consumption. In winter, 10W-30W oil is used.

3. Unusual wear or unstable direction of the tire will result in excessive fuel consumption.

4. Reduce the load and do not place unnecessary heavy objects.

5. Avoid frequent rapid acceleration and braking, driving at a constant speed.

6. Winter is cold. The vehicle idle speed is longer than the summer time, which also leads to high fuel consumption.

7. Don't idle the car for a long time: Parking and using the idle speed to warm the car is quite fuel-intensive. After all, the current car no longer uses the carburetor, and no longer need to warm the car for a long time.

8. Add high quality gasoline. The wax and gum in gasoline are the main components for the formation of carbon deposits, so gasoline with high cleanliness is not easy to form carbon deposits. It is important to note that the high number does not equal the high quality. The label only represents the octane number of the oil and does not represent the quality and cleanliness. In order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, some car owners will use gasoline detergent in gasoline. This can effectively prevent the formation of a carbon deposit on the surface of the metal, and gradually activate the original carbon particles to be slowly removed, thereby protecting the engine from damage.

9. Do not change the tire size at will. Choosing a wider tire may make your car look more like a sports car. But the tire is wider and the wheel resistance is greater. So unless you really need extra grip, you just waste gasoline.

10. Take care of the body. The depression of the body will increase the airflow resistance encountered when the car is driving. In addition, those flashy decorations will only increase resistance. Just take them off and forget.

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