The Installation and Use of Wheel Bearing
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The Installation and Use of Wheel Bearing The Installation and Use of Wheel Bearing

1.Wheel bearing is sensitive. In any case, the right approach and the right tools are needed. The components of the bearing must not be damaged during storage and installation. Some bearings require a large pressure to press in, so special tools are required. Be sure to refer to the car manufacturer's instructions.

2. When installing the bearing, it should be in a clean and tidy environment. The entry of fine particles into the bearing also shortens the life of the bearing. It is very important to maintain a clean environment when replacing bearings. It is not allowed to strike the bearing with a hammer. Be careful not to drop the bearing on the ground (or similarly improper handling). The condition of the shaft and housing should also be checked before installation. Even minor wear can cause poor fit and cause early failure of the bearing.

3.For the wheel bearing unit, do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit, otherwise the seal ring will be damaged and water or dust will enter. Even the raceways of the seal ring and the inner ring are damaged, resulting in permanent failure of the bearing.

4. There is a magnetic thrust ring in the seal ring bearing the ABS device bearing. Such a thrust ring cannot be impacted, impacted, or collided with other magnetic fields. Remove from the box before installation and keep them away from magnetic fields, such as electric motors or power tools. When installing these bearings, observe the ABS alarm needle on the instrument panel through the road condition test to change the operation of the bearing.
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