The Forging Method Of Alloy Wheel Hub Assembly
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The Forging Method Of Alloy Wheel Hub Assembly The Forging Method Of Alloy Wheel Hub Assembly

There are three manufacturing methods for aluminum alloy wheel hub assembly: gravity casting, forging and low-pressure precision casting.

1.Gravity casting. The aluminum alloy solution is poured into the mold by gravity, and the production can be completed after it is shaped and polished by the lathe. The manufacturing process is simple, and it does not need the precise casting process. The cost is low and the production efficiency is high. But it is easy to produce bubble (sand hole). The density is uneven, and surface smoothness is not enough. There are many AIX vehicle model equipped with the wheel hub assembly produced in this way. It is mainly for the early vehicle models and new vehicle models have been replaced with new wheel hub assembly.

2.Forging. The whole aluminum ingot is directly extruded on the mould by a press of thousands of tons. The advantage is that the density is even, the surface is smooth, the wall of the wheel hub assembly is thin and light and the strength of the material is the highest, more than 30% higher than that of the casting method. But the cost is high because it needs more sophisticated production equipment and the yield is only 50 to 60 percent.

3.Low-pressure precision casting. Precision casting at low pressure of 0.1mpa. This method of casting makes the products of good formability, clear profile, uniform density and smooth surface. It can achieve high strength, lightweight, and control the cost. With a yield of over 90%, it is the mainstream manufacturing method for high-quality aluminum alloy wheel hub assembly.
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