Repair Method Of Wheel Hub Assembly
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Repair Method Of Wheel Hub Assembly Repair Method Of Wheel Hub Assembly

When there are stains difficult to remove on the surface of the wheel hub assembly, you should choose a professional cleaner to reduce damage to aluminum alloy surfaces. In addition, there is a layer of metal protective film on wheel hub assembly, so pay special attention not to use paint brightener or other abrasive materials when cleaning. When driving, you should be careful to avoid "hard damage" to the wheel hub assembly by scraping, once there are scratches or deformation, it should be repaired and repainted as soon as possible.

There are six specific steps for the repair: the first step is to check the scars. If there is no damage to the inside of the wheel hub assembly, it can be easily repaired. You should use paint thinner, wipe around the scar and remove dirt;

The second step: the deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove dirty, you can use a toothpick to thoroughly clean it;

The third step: in order to prevent the wrong paint on the unrelated part, carefully paste the adhesive paper around the scar;

The forth step: arrange the brush tip and apply finishing paint.

The fifth step: after the coating, dip the water resistant paper with soup water to make the surface smooth;

The sixth step: after using the water-resistant paper, rub out the shine by using the mixture to before waxing. If there are deep scars, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If you can not see the metal surface, it will not rust. You can concentrate on the paint modification.
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