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Noise Judgment Method and Driving Precautions of Wheel Bearing
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Noise Judgment Method and Driving Precautions of Wheel Bearing Noise Judgment Method and Driving Precautions of Wheel Bearing

There is noise in the wheel bearings of the car. This seemingly impossible fault does exist in reality. Let's discuss it together.

Fault phenomenon

When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous squeaking noise in the car while driving. This sound is unclear from where it came from. You will feel the whole car is full of such buzz. The car is faster, and the sound is louder. A slight hum can be heard from a general speed of around 60km/h. You can clearly feel the speed of 70, 80km / h. At 100km/h, the conversation in the car should be improved, and the sole of the foot has a fine vibration feeling. These are just superficial phenomena of failure. If it is the first time you encounter it, you really can't understand what is going on. Let's talk about the way to judge this fault.

Judgment method

Don't panic when you hear this squeaky sound while driving. Keep calm and continue driving. Use these methods to roughly judge the sound source.

1.Open the window and hear if the sound comes from outside the car.

2.After increasing the speed (when the hum is loud), move the gear to the neutral position. Observe if the noise is coming from the engine. If the car does not change when it is sliding in the neutral, it is mostly a problem with the wheel bearing.

3.Temporary parking. Get off and check if the temperature of the axle is normal. The method is: touch the four wheels by hand and roughly feel whether their temperature is consistent. (When the brake shoes and the gap are normal, there is a gap between the front and rear wheels, and the front wheels are high.) If the difference is not big, continue to drive slowly to the repair station.

4. Raise the car with the lift. (Before this, loosen the handbrake and hang the neutral.) If there is no lift, you can use the jack to raise the wheel one by one. Rotate four wheels quickly. When it encounters a problematic axle, it will make a sound that is completely different from the other axles. It is easy to tell which wheel bearing has a problem with this method.

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