Loader Clutch Adjustment Method
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Loader Clutch Adjustment Method Loader Clutch Adjustment Method

During the use of the clutch, due to the continuous wear of the parts, especially the wear of the friction plates on the clutch disc, the gap between the separation lever and the end face of the clutch release bearing is changed. If the gap is too large, the pedal is also not separated when it is stepped on. Too small a gap will result that a clutch release bearing always rotates with the release lever and burns out or wears out quickly.

In addition, during use, due to the deformation and wear of the three separate levers, the three separate levers are different in a plane perpendicular to the spline shaft. This also makes the clutch separation incomplete and difficult to shift. The shift gear of the transmission will soon be broken.

Incomplete separation of the clutch also accelerates the wear of the friction plate and reduces the service life of the clutch.

Therefore, during use, the clutch should be checked and adjusted regularly according to maintenance regulations. Now take the clutch of the SDZ10 loader as an example to introduce the adjustment method of the clutch.

1) Adjustment of the separation lever position

When installing the clutch, it is first ensure that the distance from the inner end surface of the separating lever to the outer end surface of the flywheel is (89 ± 1) mm. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the inner end faces of the three separate levers are in the same plane perpendicular to the axis, and the difference is not more than 0.2 mm. When adjusting, first loosen the lock nut and rotate the adjusting screw so that the heights of the three separate levers are the same. After adjusting, tighten the Atlas air compressor parts with nuts.

(2) Adjustment of clutch pedal free travel

The clearance between the separating lever and the working end face of the separating bearing shall be 2 mm. This gap is called the separation gap and corresponds to a pedal free travel of 30 mm. If not, loosen the two lock nuts on the tie rod. Then turn the lever to change the length of the tie rod to meet the separation clearance requirements. Tighten the lock nut after adjustment.

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