The Second Precautions in the Use and Installation of Bearings
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The Second Precautions in the Use and Installation of Bearings The Second Precautions in the Use and Installation of Bearings

1. For the wheel hub bearing unit, do not attempt to disassemble the wheel hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit, otherwise the seal ring will be damaged and water or dust will enter. Even the raceways of the seal ring and the inner ring are damaged, it will result in permanent failure of the bearing.

2. The seal ring equipped with the ABS device bearing contains a magnetic thrust ring, which can not be subject to collision, impact or collision with other magnetic fields. It should be removed from the box before installation and kept them away from magnetic fields, such as using the electric motors or power tools. When installing these bearings, the ABS alarm pin on the instrument panel should be observed through the road condition test to change the operation of the bearing.

3. For the wheel hub bearing equipped with the ABS magnetic thrust ring, in order to determine which side of the thrust ring is mounted, a light and small thing can be used near the edge of the bearing, and the magnetic force generated by the bearing will attract it. When installing, point the side with the magnetic thrust ring to the inside, facing the sensitive component of the ABS. Note: Improper installation may result in malfunction of the brake system.

4. Many bearings are sealed which do not require grease throughout their life. Other unsealed bearings such as double row tapered roller bearings must be greased during installation. Because the inner cavity of the bearing is different in size, it is difficult to determine how much grease to add. The most important thing is to ensure that there is grease in the bearing. If the grease is too much, when the bearing rotates, the excess grease will seep out. General experience: When installing, the total amount of grease should account for 50% of the bearing clearance.

5. When installing the lock nut, the torque varies greatly depending on the bearing type and the bearing housing.

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