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The Assembly Method of Automobile Wheel Hub
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The Assembly Method of Automobile Wheel Hub The Assembly Method of Automobile Wheel Hub

The automobile wheel hub assembly is mainly made of a brake hub connecting the inner and outer rings of the screw nut bearing, which is an important component of the automobile axle. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the product, the burr rust on each component must be cleaned and cleaned before assembly, so that to make tthe joint surface of each part smooth and flat before assembling.

1. Press the outer ring of the wheel hub bearing and install the wheel bolts. The same type of wheel hub is equipped with the same kind of bolt, and the left and right bolts must be strictly assembled as required, as well as the wire part is intact when the bolt is pressed. When there is a wheel hub with an abs ring gear, the ring gear and the end face of the hub should be flat, and the runout must be less than 0.2mm.

2. The combined wheel brake hub requires the joint surface to clean and clear the burrs of the brake hub orifice. When the hub and the brake hub are assembled, the bolts are tightened in a diagonal manner, which should be first pre-tightened and then tightened to the required torque.

3. The brake hub is an important part of the hub assembly, which must ensure the smoothness and runout of each piece. For the brake hub that has been balanced, it must be sampled after each batch, requiring to be smaller than 20 diameter when balance, with the depth is not more than two-thirds of the wall thickness, the interval between the two holes is greater than or equal to 2 mm, and the drilling range must not exceed one third of the circumference. In addition, use the green lacquer to mark the end face of the bolt corresponding to the hole so that to allow the wheels to be balanced. 4. In order to extend the life of the hub assembly, different amounts of passenger car hp-r high temperature grease or truck special grease should be added to the hub cavity according to different models and then press the hub oil seal with a special clamp.

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