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How to Identify the Failure of the Wheel Hub Bearing
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How to Identify the Failure of the Wheel Hub Bearing How to Identify the Failure of the Wheel Hub Bearing

Wheel hub bearings are a simple but important automotive component that allows the wheels to rotate freely.

Bad hub bearings should be replaced before it can be used to avoid damage to the car and damage to the person.

1. Sound: The driver can discern the wear of the hub bearing from the sound of the wheel. One manifestation of a broken wheel hub bearing is the rumbling noise, which tends to make the speed of the vehicle louder.

2. Vibration: With the rumble, the vibration of the broken wheel hub bearing can be felt inside the car or on the steering wheel. This noise will be greater at higher speeds or cornering.

3. Testing and repair: If a broken hub bearing is found, the wheel hub bearing should be safely tested to increase the wheel's rotation. If the wheel spins smoothly, it is normal to not slide to one side. If the part of the wheel hub bearing that needs to be replaced is relatively cheap, and the repair is not complicated, it is often time consuming. How to find the noise of the hub bearing? 1. Find a large, empty parking lot, driving and turning in the parking lot at 45 mph/hour.

2. Step on your brakes as if you have panic and stopped. The front of the car will plummet and the weight will shift to the front, putting more pressure on the bearings. Listen to the sound of your axle at this time, if its volume is turned up, then you have a bad front bearing. If it gets quieter or disappears, you have a bad rear bearing.

3. Drive at a speed of 45mph/hour to make a circular drive. Turn clockwise and your car will bear the weight of the car. If the bearing noise becomes louder, the bad bearing is in the driver's seat. Then repeat in a counterclockwise direction, if the bearing noise becomes louder, the bad bearing is on the passenger's side.

4. If you find an increase in the noise or vibration of the bearing, the bad bearing is the side of the front passenger. If the noise increases while braking and reducing the bearing, the bad bearing is on the side of the rear wheel drive.
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