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Is Wheel Hub Assembly Of Larger Size Better Certainly?
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Is Wheel Hub Assembly Of Larger Size Better Certainly? Is Wheel Hub Assembly Of Larger Size Better Certainly?

Those who pay attention to car must know one of the most visible features of many car models is the wheel hub assembly. Generally, models with larger sizes and wheel hub assembly that look shiny are high version and most of the wheel hub assembly with smaller size or big rim wheel hub assembly are low version. Take Audi A4L for example, it offers 16 "and 17" wheel hub assembly in two sizes and four styles in six new models. Two of the entry-level models are equipped with small-sized wheel hub assembly of the R17. The other four models (including the top one) is equipped with large sized wheel hub assembly of the R18.

The size of the wheel hub assembly varies according to the guiding price. The more expensive the car, the larger the wheel hub assembly size. This situation is so common that people seem to have get used to it. There will be differences in the wheel hub assembly of high or low matching models for the following reasons:

First, aesthetics.

wheel hub assembly of large size can give a very intuitive visual impact, with a strong tension, a feeling of unawareness. In the design of wheel hub assembly of large size, automobile enterprises will give more energy and manpower and the shape is often more beautiful and good-looking. Therefore, the wheel hub assembly of large size become exclusive to vehicles with high configuration. Many years ago, Kia K5 has captured the hearts of many car owners with its beautiful wheel hub assembly.

Second, cost.

"Businessmen are always profit-seeking." So do automobile manufacturers. Generally speaking, among the same brand, the same style, different sizes of the wheel hub assembly, large size price is often high, small size is often low. From the perspective of procurement cost, manufacturers should equip the more expensive vehicle models with more expensive wheel hub assembly and the lower-cost, small-size wheel hub assembly are the exclusive province of low-configuration vehicles.

Then, manipulate feelings.

It should be noted that the combination of small size wheel hub assembly and thick tire wall can reduce the bumpy feeling when driving, which cannot be achieved by the combination of large size wheel hub assembly and small size tire wall.

Finally, fuel economy.

To ensure more grip, larger wheel hub assembly often match wider tread tires. It also makes a sacrifice in fuel economy by increasing mobility and friction on the ground. Compared with narrow - sided tires with small wheels, the fuel consumption is a little higher.
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