Is the Wheel Bearing Broken when the Car is Buzzing?
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Is the Wheel Bearing Broken when the Car is Buzzing? Is the Wheel Bearing Broken when the Car is Buzzing?

Question: Is the wheel bearing broken when the car is buzzing?
Experts answer that there are several reasons for the buzzing sound of a vehicle when it is driving:

1. The tire pressure is too high, causing abnormal noise. When using the car in daily use, the tire pressure should be adjusted within the standard value range. (Generally 2.3bar-2.5bar) If the tire pressure is too high, it will cause serious wear on the crown. The damping cushioning performance of the tire is degraded, and the tire noise is significantly increased.

2. The abnormal wear of the tire causes abnormal noise. The crown portion of the tire is in contact with the ground. If the crown portion is unevenly worn and uneven, it will make a loud noise.

3. The wheel bearing is damaged by abnormal noise. When the wheel bearing wears, it will produce a squeaking sound. The main reason is that the long-term use causes the hub bearing to wear loosely. When the vehicle is used frequently, it is necessary to avoid violently hitting the wheel and avoid wading for a long time to protect the wheel bearing.
However, when we drive on the road, we hear a sound similar to a slap. The speed is faster and the sound is louder. Basically it can be concluded that the sound of the tire bearing. In order to determine and know which tire's bearing sounds, we can play the top to turn the tire to listen to the sound.

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