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Is the Steel Wheel Hub Assembly Necessarily Worse than the Aluminum Wheel Hub Assembly? Not Exactly!
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Is the Steel Wheel Hub Assembly Necessarily Worse than the Aluminum Wheel Hub Assembly? Not Exactly! Is the Steel Wheel Hub Assembly Necessarily Worse than the Aluminum Wheel Hub Assembly? Not Exactly!

Each of the mainstream models on the market is divided into high and low levels, and the price naturally varies greatly. Sometimes, in order to make it cheap, the configuration can be tolerated. But for many people, steel wheel hub can't stand it. They bought a more enhanced version and changed their aluminum wheels to feel more comfortable.

The aluminum alloy wheel hub assembly is light. Is it fuel efficient?

In theory, due to the high density, the same volume of aluminum alloy wheels is only one-third the quality of steel wheels. The reality is that the original aluminum alloy wheel and steel wheel of the same car are only in weight within two kilograms. It is psychological cognition that aluminum wheels are light and fuel efficient. For vehicles with a general weight of 1200KG or more, these kilograms can’t really do anything. Driving 10,000 kilometers may save you 1L of oil.

The aluminum alloy wheel hub assembly has a good road feel and high hardness. Is the steel wheel easily deformed?

The high hardness of the aluminum alloy wheel is true. The vibration transmission is of course more direct. The feedback to the steering wheel is that the driving road feels really good. However, if you don't tell what the wheel is, it is estimated that Schumacher can not distinguish the advantage of the road feeling. The disadvantage of high hardness is generally defined as relatively brittle, which is also valid. I heard that the aluminum wheel hub was broken, but I have never heard of the steel wheel hub running off. Most of the models went to the end of the scrap and did not break the four steel wheel hubs. The aluminum wheel hub are estimated to be no more than steel wheel hub.

The aluminum wheel hub assembly looks good. Is the iron wheel ugly?

First of all, it is very certain that the aluminum wheels are indeed versatile and conform to the current trend. This is also the main factor behind the extinction of steel wheels in the future. For the car, whether it is the original car aluminum hub or modified aluminum hub, it plays a refreshing role. If you have to replace it for visual impact, there is nothing to say. But don't ignore it, it's hard to change the shape of the aluminum hub. It can only be painted, changed color, and imitation carbon fiber stickers. Steel wheels can be different. There are many types of wheel hub covers, and the shape can be selected.

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