How to Extend the Life of the Forklift Clutch Release Bearing?
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How to Extend the Life of the Forklift Clutch Release Bearing? How to Extend the Life of the Forklift Clutch Release Bearing?

Clutch release bearings work frequently, and the number of damages accounts for a large proportion of forklift failures. If the driver is properly operated and maintained in a timely manner, the bearing can be used for about 3 months, but it should be replaced when it is repaired. If the driver's technical level is low, the forklift that is driven will have separate bearing damage almost every month. When the separation bearing is damaged, it will also affect other parts, such as the separation lever and the clutch plate. As a result, the material cost of equipment maintenance is significantly improved.

What is the cause of the damage to the clutch release bearing? In practice, the driver was strictly required to dispense oil every day with the release bearing. This is not only cumbersome to operate, but the bearings are often damaged. According to the analysis, the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to the separation bearing, and the high-speed rotation of the bearing also generates high temperature. Under such conditions, the oil is hard to remain in the bearing. The bearings work continuously at high temperatures and the lubrication conditions are not good, which is why they are frequently damaged.

In response to the above problems, it has also been tried to heat the bearing in the grease to allow the grease to penetrate into the bearing. After this treatment, the grease can fill the bearing, but the performance of the grease after the high temperature treatment is destroyed, and the performance is greatly reduced. The effect of using this method is not ideal and the service life of the bearing is not extended. We also used a sharp-mouthed grease gun to directly grease the release bearing and install it in the car. After observation and inspection, the service life of the bearing is greatly extended. This method of oiling has received satisfactory results, but the operation is more complicated.

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