How To Avoid The Scars Of Wheel Hub Assembly
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How To Avoid The Scars Of Wheel Hub Assembly How To Avoid The Scars Of Wheel Hub Assembly

To avoid the scars of wheel hub assembly, it is needed to rinse the rim frequently at the beginning of using the car. The car you drive every day, you should rinse the rim of which every week. First wet with water, then scrub with a sponge and rinse with plenty of water.

Daily maintenance is also essential. When the temperature of the wheel hub assembly is high, you should clean its natural cooling. Do not clean it with cold water or you will damage the alloy wheel hub assembly and even deform the brake disc to affect the braking effect.

In addition, at high temperatures, cleaning the aluminum table gold hub with detergent will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the wheel hub assembly, which is tarnished and not artistic. When there is tar on the hub that is difficult to remove, try removing it with a brush if the general cleaner is not helpful. But do not use a hard brush, especially iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the wheel hub assembly.

Some experts have introduced a folk prescription for removing tar: wiping with "wood lock medicated balm" obtain the unexpected effect. Car owners can try it. In addition, when the vehicle is near the seaside, the wheel hub assembly should be cleaned frequently to avoid salt corrosion on the surface of aluminum. Also, when necessary, after cleaning, the hub can be waxed for maintenance, keeping its luster forever.
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