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Fracture Of Wheel Hub Assembly Has Existed For 8 Year, Bmw 5 Series Is Not Afraid Of Being Unpopular
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Fracture Of Wheel Hub Assembly Has Existed For 8 Year, Bmw 5 Series Is Not Afraid Of Being Unpopular Fracture Of Wheel Hub Assembly Has Existed For 8 Year, Bmw 5 Series Is Not Afraid Of Being Unpopular

As we all know, the BMW 5 series is a medium and large luxury car owned by BMW brilliance. It is also one of the most advanced high-end luxury cars produced in China so far. It has a relatively high market share in China, and it is more popular with the consumers. However, with the production and sales of BMW 5 series increased significantly, it has more and more quality problems and clients complaints are also high. In particular, wheel hub assembly had the problem of cracking many years ago.

It is reported that the fracture problem of BMW 5 series wheel hub assembly had already appeared in 2012. Now, complaints still are made that the BMW 5 series is cracking and deforming. Although it already passed 8 years, BMW manufacturer still remains apathetic. In baidu search, there are actually 285,000 pieces of relevant information about cracking and deformation of BMW 5 wheel hub assembly. Moreover, most of the results are revealed by car owners on BBS about the hub cracking and deformation problems they have encountered. It can be seen that wheel hub assembly cracking and deformation has become a problem that cannot be ignored by BMW 5.

Some car owners had a feedback, when he reported deformation problem of wheel hub assembly problem to Automobile Sales Service shop 4S, he got the answer "personal reasons". The staff of BMW automobile sales and service co., LTD told the owner haughtily that the complaint center only took the decision of the 4S shop as the standard and they can not decide the result and are not afraid of complaints.

The wheel hub assembly is an important part supporting the whole car body. The wheel hub assembly rupture can lead to the leakage of gas from the cracks in the true air tire, which is the hidden danger of tire fracture.In this case, new tires should be replaced directly, because the risk coefficient of tire rupture is very high, which threatens the driver's personal safety. The owners of the BMW 5 series are in constant danger. Eight years passed, they have not received a response from the manufacturer, let alone a recycle. They must be disappointed.
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