Fault Resolution of Abnormal Noise of Clutch Release Bearing
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Fault Resolution of Abnormal Noise of Clutch Release Bearing Fault Resolution of Abnormal Noise of Clutch Release Bearing

Fault phenomenon:

When the engine is running at an idle speed, the "click" sound can be clearly heard at the clutch release bearing.

Failure analysis:

During the engine idling, there is a noticeable "click" when the clutch pedal is depressed. The sound is weakened when the clutch pedal is released. This is the clutch release bearing ring.


The reason for the clutch release bearing ringing is that the separated bearing and the diaphragm spring's separated finger rotate for a long time, causing the grease stored in the bearing to be exhausted, causing the ball in the bearing to be oil-deficient for dry friction or bearing failure (catch or damage). Some car clutch release bearings are enclosed. These cars are filled with grease during assembly and cannot be refueled at ordinary times. Therefore, when the separation bearing has abnormal noise, it should be replaced. In order to extend the service life of the split bearing, the disassembled split bearing should not be cleaned in gasoline or kerosene when the clutch is repaired to prevent the internal grease from being washed away. When repairing the adjustment clutch, care should be taken to check the separation bearing for damage. Because the working condition of the separation bearing is relatively poor and the working time is relatively long, the separation finger of the clutch release bearing and the diaphragm spring of the vehicle is normally engaged. Therefore, the separation bearing always follows the engine at various speeds, and after long-term use, the separation bearing is easily damaged. For unqualified clutch release bearings, do not attempt to repair it and replace it.
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