Easy Operation Method for Extending Clutch Release Bearing
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Easy Operation Method for Extending Clutch Release Bearing Easy Operation Method for Extending Clutch Release Bearing

After repeated practice, improvement, and summing up experience, we finally formed a relatively simple method of oil injection operation. The specific process of extending the life of the clutch release bearing is as follows:

(1) Oil filling method in which the engine does not disintegrate

First open the clutch cover and observe the wear of the clutch release bearing. If it is confirmed that the bearing is not damaged or the wear is not exceeded, remove the clutch pedal and adjust the connecting rod pin to return the split bearing and its seat to the final position. Fill the hole in the housing with a grease gun until the bearing overflows. Then turn the bearing a little and refill the oil. Repeat the above work until there is a little butter around the bearing, then turn the bearing and observe the amount of oil. If there is resistance to the rotation of the bearing, it is proved that the bearing is filled with butter. Then remove a small amount of butter that has spilled over the separation housing and reassemble the removed pin and clutch cover.

(2) Oil filling method for engine disintegration

Disassemble the engine to expose the assembly of the clutch release bearing and the housing. Use a grease gun to fill the small oil hole below the inner ring of the split housing. When the bearing has butter overflow, rotate the bearing until the bearing overflows with butter.

After the above two methods are processed, the bearings can be removed without oiling within half a year. After the trial of the oil filling method at Hengshui Railway Station, the mechanical integrity rate was significantly improved and significant economic benefits were achieved. Material costs can be saved. The machine has increased the loading and unloading capacity, and the loading and unloading capacity can be increased by 30t per unit per month. This method has also been promoted at other railway stations and has achieved satisfactory results.

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