Clutch Release Bearing Precautions are Open to the Public
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Clutch Release Bearing Precautions are Open to the Public Clutch Release Bearing Precautions are Open to the Public

The clutch release bearing is a relatively important part of the car. If the maintenance is not good, it will cause economic loss, and it takes a lot of labor to disassemble it once. Therefore, understand the cause of the failure of the clutch release bearing and reasonable maintenance  in use is of great significance to prolong the life of the separation bearing, improve labor productivity, and achieve better economic benefits.

Today, Sudirong Steel Bearings will talk to you about the problems that should be paid attention to when using clutch release bearings.
(1) According to the operation regulations, avoid the semi-engaged and semi-separated state of the clutch and reduce the number of times the clutch is used.

(2) Pay attention to maintenance and strengthen lubrication. Regularly or during annual inspections, maintenance, and cooking, let the butter soak the separation bearing to make it fully lubricated.

(3) Pay attention to leveling the clutch release lever to ensure that the spring force of the return spring meets the requirements.

(4) Adjust the free travel of the clutch pedal to meet the requirements (30 ~ 40mm) to prevent the free travel from being too large or too small.

(5) Minimize the number of clutch engagement and separation and reduce the impact load.

(6) Lightly step on and gently release the clutch to make it smoothly engage and disengage.
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