Bearings in Various Parts of the Car
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Bearings in Various Parts of the Car Bearings in Various Parts of the Car

The following takes the truck bearing as an example to introduce the bearing composition of each department. The bearings on the truck can be roughly divided into the powertrain part, the transmission system part, and the other parts.

Powertrain section

In the powertrain part mainly for the engine and clutch components, the most common crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings are sliding bearings. Among the turbochargers are thrust bearings and floating bearings that are supported by the turbine axle. The most common clutch is the clutch release bearing. The release bearing is mounted between the clutch and the transmission, and the shoulder of the clutch release bearing is always pressed against the separation fork by the return spring and retracted to the final position.

Drivetrain section

The current structure of wheel bearings is usually a split two-disc radial thrust roller bearing. Its main role is to load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. It is both an axial load and a radial load and is a very important component. Traditional automotive wheel bearings are made up of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings.

Mechanical structures that use a ball joint to achieve power transmission of different shafts are universal bearings. In order to withstand the great axial force inside the final reducer, the rear axle main reduction bearing, as well as the half shaft bearing and the front and rear axle bearings are used. They are all inseparable parts of the drive train.

Other parts bearing

Other parts, such as air-conditioning compressor combination bearings in the engine compartment, shifting gears in the steering system of the vehicle to shifting gears in the transmission system, are mostly rolling bearings and plain bearings. Bearings are numerous on trucks and are very versatile.

As a bearing such a part, the volume is small but the use is very large. A wide variety of bearing parts play a huge role in trucks. Sometimes the car is gradually damaged due to a small bearing. So bearings are the most common parts in cars, but it is necessary to be familiar with them.

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